R. Glenn Guillory

Glenn Guillory is a writer, and artist. He is retired from a career as a psychotherapist, community organizer, professor of Social Work, and an Intensive Journal consultant for Dialogue House, NYC. As Assistant Executive Director of Kingsley House, he founded the Institute for the Development of Inner Resources in New Orleans. He taught meditation & journal writing for creative and spiritual development for decades. Practicing Zen since 1967, he is now a Zen coach. He also has taught Tai Chi Chih, Pilates, and Hatha Yoga. In 1982 he made final vows as a Secular Franciscan (secular monk), and received the Buddhist Precepts in 2004. He writes daily in his journal, sketches and draws, does digital art, and traditional art painting in acrylics, is a photographer, and licensed as an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator (AA5NM) and maintains two emergency radio stations. He is available at All emails will be answered. Twitter: @monkglenn


Becoming a Contributor

Brian welcomes submissions from writers, photographers and artists of all backgrounds. One of the goals of this site is to present as many different perspectives as possible. Here are the guidelines for Contributors:

  1.  Please note that this site is 100% volunteer, and no payment is available for any contributions. Works published (articles, poems, photographs) are still owned by the creator. If you are selected as a contributor you are giving Brian Beholds and Brian Tomlin the right to publish your materials on this site, with no other transfer of rights.
  2. Potential Contributors should review the Purpose of the site and Brian’s background¬†
  3. Potential Contributors should write a short bio of around 300 words introducing yourself and your background, and why you want to be part of Brian Beholds. Also include a web quality photo of yourself.
  4. Types of submissions considered:
    1. personal essays. Describe your own creative or spiritual journey in 300 to 1200 words.
    2. exploration of theme. Brian Beholds site is organized around 55 universal creative/spiritual themes. Essays that discuss or explore a theme or aspect of a theme are always needed.
    3. Review of a book, film or piece of music that relates to one of the themes or the ideas presented on the site.

Email all inquiries about becoming a contributor to Brian Tomlin